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June 3, 2011:


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Rubik's Cube Solutions

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When I first got my knockoff cube in 1982, I thought I could solve it if I just tried hard enough. Of course, 3 dimensional puzzles are not for everyone, and I was one of the ones that the Rubik's cube was not for. Later they came out with the 4-block Rubik's Revenge, and the snake, and the Alexander's Star, and some other puzzles but the only thing that they had in common was that I could not beat them, and I did not know how. I still can't, but this site will be dedicated to finding links to sites where you can learn how to solve the cube, with some easy instructions in case you want to solve it fast, or if you're crazy enough to be able to solve it blindfolded, in which case your name ought to be something like Tommy or Rain Man.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Just because you can solve the cube does not mean you are a genius, but then again it means that you always have a cool trick.